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than five years ago, david beckham sent the mls into another stratus fear. later today beckham will play the last game for the galaxy. more on beckham's impact on soccer right here in the u.s. >> randi, when beckham started playing soccer in america in 2007, only four stadiums, including home depot behind me that were dedicated only to soccer. soon, there will be 15. the mls says the beckham experiment worked. from the second he arrived in america, he was now final hours with the l.a. galaxy david beckham got people talking about major league soccer in both the united states and he says overseas. >> interesting if that's why i am in this league then great. hopefully it's in a great position now to continue to grow. the american soccer league struggling with help from a super star. >> why don't we try to sign david beckham and here we are five and a half years later and that experience with david far exceeded the expectations that we had when we sat in that meeting in 2006. >> reporter: with beckham at the forefront, the league jumped from 12 to 19 teams and average in total att
. >>> and his american dream. the story bookending this weekend for david beckham. one on one with the soccer star. what he will reveal and what he won't about his next goal. >> he is a rare man who is that tough on the field and also have his own line of underwear. >>> good evening on this sunday night. as tens of millions of americans watched football this weekend, it was hard to escape that headline, the heart break in kansas city. and on this sunday, a team took a moment to remember a family in extraordinary pain. jovan belcher was a linebacker for the kansas city chiefs, got there on his own, he wasn't drafted. recently celebrating his first child, a baby girl. this weekend, tragedy. belcher killing his girlfriend and killing himself at the stadium in friend of his coach and general manager. sorrow on the field today. the teammates leading the fans in a moment of silence. and some questions for the coach. were there any signs this was coming? john schriffen in kansas city tonight. >> reporter: with heavy hearts, the players took the field one day after teammate jovan belcher killed his g
not get most of them, and i happened to get "bend it like beckham" and "love, actually," and "pirates of the caribbean." they all happened to be an amazing success. then it is hard work, i think. then you kind of, if you are given the opportunity, and it is amazing if you are, it is then really about trying to get better, trying to kind of improve and do interesting work. tavis: that's why i said sometimes, success can be harder to manage than when you are getting started. >> yeah, i do think the hard work, that's really when you kind of have to nail your colors somewhere and you have to kind of -- yeah. tavis: to your point of that filmography, fair to say that "bend it like beckham" was that project that turned the corner for you? >> yeah. i got "bend it like beckham" and then "love, actually" all in one year, and then i got "pirates of the caribbean" the year after. i think yeah, "bend it like beckham" was the first time that i would had a success. yeah, it was the first successful kind of thing that happened. i think one of the reasons that i got "pirates of the caribbean," or one
en la mls, el inglÉs david beckham contempla numerosas propuestas serias pero no tiene prisa por elegir un nuevo club. distintos reportes han vinculado al mediocampista con equipos de francia, australia y asia, en lo que podrÍa ser el Último capÍtulo en la carrera del ex capitÁn de la selecciÓn inglesa, quien tiene 37 aÑos. la empresa que representa a beckham informÓ hoy en un comunicado que hay ofertas sobre la mesa, de parte de varios clubes de todo el mundo. sin embargo, beckham no tiene prisa por tomar una hasta aqui los deportes tendremos hace unas semanas ustedes colaboraron para hacer realidad el sueno de muchos ninos... y al regreso le mostramos el resultado de tan si usted formo parte de las personas que generosamente donaron un juguete en la primera recoleccion anual de univision washington, sientase muy orgulloso porque sin duda que ayudo a que se esparciera la alegria en muchos niÑos que acudieron al mary's center, asi es, hoy se celebro la fiesta anual de navidad de este centro de ayuda social y alrededor de 500 niÑos de bajos recursos recibieron juguetes, a
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. >>> and for the galaxy, he was a shooting star on the pitch and a catalyst for mls. we'll discuss the david beckham era in l.a. "i'm only human" ] humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >>> welcome back. so how would you like a lunchbox designed by tory burch? what about a yoga mat created by diane vonn furstenberg? target and knneiman marcus have teamed up. if you can get past the crowds, of course. two dozen well-known designers have created more than 50 limited edition gifts. prices range from $8 wrapping paper to a $500 bike. >>> when he joined the galaxy five years ago, david beckham sent the mls into another stratosphere. later today he will play his final game for the galaxy. he could go out as a champion. we have more on beckham's impact on socker in the u.s. >> reporter: when beckham started play
years ago, david beckham sent major league soccer into a different stratosphere. now he'll pay his last game for the galaxy today. he won't be leaving the soccer field all together. m his contract allows him to become one of the league's owners. paul, it seems there's just as much hype with his exit as a player as when there was when beckham joined the american league back in 2007. >> you're absolutely right, deb. a lot of media credentials. hundreds for the game. the fans starting to file in as we're two hours away from kickoff. many people trying to speculate where he'll go, but the league crediting him with kick starting interest in soccer throughout the united states. putting soccer front and center in some of the conversations not only in los angeles but around the country because beckham is such an international, such a global star. so as you can see, the fans filing in, galaxy versus the houston dynamo. they played last year for the championship, the galaxy won. beckham wants to go out with a bang. when his second consecutive mls championship, deb. >> we understand that beckham m
. >> reporter: miguel marquez, cnn, los angeles. >> david beckham's american soccer career over. live report on beckham's final game with the l.a. galaxy, next. [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha! a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem, that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce the risk of an afib-related stroke. there is limited data on how these drugs compare
Ángeles, carlos botifoll telemundo >>> para terminar otro de fÚtbol el astro david beckham dice adiÓs a los galaxi luego que se corona campeÓn en el fÚtbol de las grandes ligas la mls, todavÍa fauceo no se sabe a dÓne dirige beckham y veremos la presencia de Él en estados unidos donde jugÓ 6 temporadas. y recuerden telemundo estÁ en lÍnea, nos ven en noticiero telemundo tv y telemundo news a continci
no entrenó con sus compañeros y su evolución es buena . >> beckham contempla propuestas serias, aunque no tiene apuros, la empresa de beckham dice que tiene otras ofertas alrededor del mundo, en la nba johnson fue despedido del os mets de brooklyn, según un reporte, llegaron a tener una marca de 32 victorias frente a 4 derrotas . >> sánchez vuelve el domingo, cuando los jets enfrenten a los buffalos, matt sufrio una conmocion cerebral y le abre de nuevo las puertas al jugador de origen mexicano . >> ahí lo tienen, no se peirda ningún gol más, así que manténgase conectado, para más información deportiva conectese a >> muchísimas gracias, nosotros regresamos con más de ofrecen entrenamiento de armas a maestros.aumentan pedidos de mochilas anti-balas.asesinan a viuda de narco en colombia.que tal, les habla felix de bedout. grupos promotores de las armas estan ofreciendo entrenamiento a los maestros de utah y ohio para que acudan armados a las escuelas y protejan a los niqos.desde la masacre en newtown, un fabricante colombiano ha visto aumentar los pedido
five years, david beckham is hanging up his american soccer jersey. the british soccer superstar played his final major league soccer game last night and even managed to go home on a high note. the los angeles galaxy beat the houston dynamo to win the mls cup. after the game, beckham reflected on his time in the states and the impact he's on on the sport. >> i just hope people have enjoyed me playing here and watching me play for the galaxy. it's what i always hope for when i, you know, step on the field, that people enjoy watching myself and watching the team play and the team that i play for, you know. i spoke about it during the week again that, you know, my impact will be down to what people decide, other people. you know, i think i've had a successful time here, but it's up to other people to decide that. >> beckham hasn't announced where he'll go next, but the soccer star says he's not ready to leave the sport just yet. >>> nasa finds ice in a pretty unexpected place. sun-scorched mercury. yes, the closest planet to the sun. what's going on with that? i'll ask a scientist what it
beckham said farewell to major league soccer and leaves as a two-time mls champion. beckham and the l.a. galaxy trailed houston dynamo 1-nil today in carson, this was a rematch from last year's mls cup. donovan is rumored to be retiring from the mls, he is the league's all-time score as the galaxy win over houston, 3- 0. bye-bye beckham. >>> tomorrow's contest with cleveland will be blacked out locally, but nobody can will see linebacker, a line barcer. gaither will play and he is seizing this opportunity to rekindle his career. >> i want to be the catalyst, i guess, and we'll see what happens on sunday. i feel like if i can go in and we can do better. i feel like i played a part in it. so that is my goal, not just to play well myself, but to try to give the entire defense to play better. >> and how about some brunch and football? 49ers and rams kickoff at 10:00 a.m. on ktvu channel 2 and keep it here for the "live point after" show for all the insights and interviews. >>in new york, austin no- doubt trout put his 154-pound record on the libe against madison squared gardens favorite
operado por segunda vez. >>> y beckham confirmÓ que la final de la mls en el galaxy serÁ el Último partido de su etapa de 6 aÑos en el futbolde estados unidos. el adiÓs al galaxy, no significa el fin de de su carrera, no se preocupen, fanÁticas de beckham, dijo que la decisiÓn de dejar la liga en estados unidos, es para afrontar un nuevo desafÍo, dijo que cree que puede jugar, no hablÓ de planes futuros, se limitÍo a decir que pasarÁ navidad en inglaterra con su familia, quÉ serÁ, le tenemos un amigo que capaz tenga la respuesta. >>> llegÓ el momento de deportes nos acompaÑa alejandro. >>> bÁrbara y pamela cÓmo estÁn. >>> quÉ hay con beckham? >>> hubo rumores se dijo que iba a tener su talk show, pero parece que la cosa va por el fÚtbol europeo, hablando de francia, habrÁ que esperar, no hay nada confirmado, lo que esÁa confirmado que hay nuevo campeÓn de fÚtbol mexicano, inesperado, el equipo del turco mohamed, los xolos vencieron a toluca, y levantaron el titulo, resumen y reacciones a continuaciÓn. >>> nos vamos al infierno, donde el diablo recibiÓ a xolos en un p
beckham se va después de 6 años. >> y mañana por univisión, toluca estará enfrentando a tijuana y toluca es el único equipo en el mundo que ha tenido una única familia de dueños. >> y el abuelo de hanks fue gobierno de méxico en los 70 y vamos a ver de que cuero salen más correas. >> si quiere saber más sintonice univisión deportes network. >> vamos a la final de la liga de ascensos y vemos con goles de manuel garcia y cabalo que le daba el título y vemos como el portero rechazaba mal y gol y tenemos el global empatado y el equipo de los reboceros con medio boleto, tres goles por uno y madison square garden. >> y vemos como intenta dominar los asaltos y en lo que pudo ser el adios de miguel coto. >> y los raders van contra clevelant. >> muy amable. >> y vemos como en estados unidos se ha dado un incremento en las deformacions craneales. >> la cabeza del bebé puede tener una forma asímetrica después del nacimiento, hablamos hoy de este tema >> note que la cabeza no era redonda y me queje con el pediatra pero me indico que había que esperar hasta los cuatro meses. >> hay un m
donoval cobra este penal, se ponía adelante el equipo galactico . >> después el gol y david beckham se despide de la mls como campeón es como oun sueño . >> cuando jugamso como niños, por eso . >> mañana tendremos nombre y apellido del ganador de la liga mx . >> en el partido de vuelta cualquier cosa puede pasar, un gol de diferencia no es mucha ventaja, la cobertura comienza a las 6 de la tafde por univisión deportes network en inglés . >> vencieron 3 a 1 a dorados de sinaloa y así son campeones del torneo en la liga de las estrellas, barcelona recibió al atletic bilbao y pasan por encima al equipo visitante, así solo les falta un gol para igualar, por miuller en 1962, el real madrid venció al atlético de madrid . >> un gol de ronaldho . >> regreso a los estudios . >> muchas gracias linsey mañana aquí y ahora en horario especial, un adelanto. >> la misteriosa desaparición de mujeres, trata de blanca, asesino en serie o algo más?. >> un indocumentado se gradua de abogado, debate sobre si puede ejercer o no . >> el papa benedicto xvi saludo hoy a miles de payasos, acrobat
bicampeon enfrentaba al dinamo de houston david beckham este jugador que llego hace 6 años se llevo a pagar 250 millones de dólares por 5 años y el año pasado se quedo una temporada más para lograr esta hazaña venía jugando de una mejor manera, el galaxy se alza con este bicampeonato que lo coloca como lo mejor en la lms en españa el equipo empata con granada es el primer partido que dirige javier aguirre para sustituir al español >> en esta liga española, que llego esta semana a 40 unidades le sigue el atlético de madrid, un real que le sigue y es distancia importante la que tiene el equipo >> tenemos más en acción deportiva extra hablaremos para la copa y daremos repaso a los partidos de la semana 13 en la nfl >> ya regresamos para hablar de fútbol soquer, se definieron dos grupos de los equipos aquí están los grupos brasil seguido de japón, méxico que italia enfrentaran a dos ex campeones mundiales grupo b por el campeón del mundo españa y el cuarto equipo será el campeón de africa >> en este sorteo que se realizo ayer hubo error por la persona que sacaba el nombre p
david beckham, don. >> we have ten seconds. you said they broke out one-ton whatever it was? >> reporter: yes. now i'm going to lose you because they're getting loud. >> one-ton beckham or whatever they were saying. >> reporter: one david beckham. >> paul, you're a trouper, thank you, sir. i'm don lem chb at the cnn headquarters in atlanta. see you back here 10:00 eastern. good night. >>> this is it a drug overdose call. >> every 19 minutes in the united states someone dies of an accidental overdose. >> this is crazy. not a single, solitary one of these people has to die. >> we're used to thinking of it starting here, looking like this. but something happened this this country, and now increasingly it starts here in your own home. >> as we speak, someone died. right now. >> and over the next hour, three people will die. >> he went to sleep, and he had no idea this was going to be his last night on earth. >> from misusing perfectly legal prescription drugs. taking a "deadly dose." >> i'm a little concerned that may have taken something that wasn't good for me on accident. >>
del mundial de boxeo . >> y el adiós de david beckham. >> era el momento apropiado para tomar ésta decisión. >> en cuánto al futuro, lo dije la semana pasada de las opciones que tengo. >> me enorgullece saber que aún puedo jugar, aún no considero el retiro, en el béisbol de grandes ligas, reunión con ángeles y dogres, envían a tomy hanson a los angelitos jankis se arreglaron con mariano rivera en contrato de 10 años y 10 millones de dólares . >> sesgun un sondeo no todos entrarian el salón de la fama en el béisbol de grandes ligas. >> soy william bonilla león regreso a los estudios . >> y ya se acerca la celebración de la vírgen de guadalupe en méxico y aquí en auckland no es la excepción desde mañana miles de fieles se van a sumar en la iglesia san luís beltrán hasta la catedral del cristo de la luz, dónde todos los interesados se
it through. they win the straight mls cup, and it was david beckham's final mls game. the match point for branson volleyball on the left and right. mckenna, the sob shot and that's it. four straight years the branson bulls beat tricity christian to win the division 5 state championship. that was this morning down in ervine. a school of 300, and you have to go to this tiny school in ross california. >> four in a row right. >> four in a row. >> thank you much. >>> big story of course today is the weather and paul's keeping an eye on that for us. >> here's a look at the radar, the rain is already here. this is ahead of round 3. this is too many to count, so we're going to show you here, the rainfall that's out there. doppler showing heavy rainfall offshore, so watch out marin county. in the city of san francisco, half-moon bay, all the way north to santa rosa. it's going to pick up this evening and everybody gets the heavy rain overnight tonight. pretty rough driving for lunch tomorrow. and we'll see you back here in a half hour. until then our news updates are on good night.
beckham's final mls game. >>> it goes. warriors just rolling. they beat the pacers 103-92. 18 points off the bench. he only missed one field goal all night. >>> sadly we pass along the news of the death of college basketball coach rick majerus. he was 64 years old. led utah to the 1998 ncaa final against kentucky. coach could never beat kentucky. >> thank you much. before we go, got to have one last word from paul about the storm. it's already here. >> we got some rainfall. it poured all evening long. really round three hasn't even started yet. you get a break about 4 or 5 more hours. about 2:00 in the morning, here comes the rain. soggy tomorrow morning. by tomorrow evening we're down with the rounds. no round four. >> going to hold you to that. that's it for us. thanks for joining us. more sports another 11:00 on cbs 5. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matt
people have been living with hiv. >>> and david beckham's final soccer match is under way. he is playing his final match at the championship game. but beckham is not retiring from soccer. at the age of thirty-seven, he is making his final run before hanging up his cleats. >>> and at a department store, the music, and answer may surprise you. >>> and could be the key here to helping millions who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. we use this board to compare car insurance rates side by side so you get the same coverage, often for less. that's one smart board. what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ whooshing ] tell me about it. why am i not going anywhere? you don't believe hard enough. a smarter way to shop around. now that's progressive. call or click today. [ grunting ] >>> a soldier comes back from war, and learns he has been programmed to respond to certain triggers, in this case, the queen of diamonds to kill a presidential candidate. but can we be triggered like that really? can sights and sounds and smells make us do things we wouldn't ordinarily do
after 51 years. >>> david beckham ended his playing days in the u.s. as a winner the soccer superstar helped lead the l.a. galaxy to its straight second mls championship. beckham will play somewhere else next year before returning to the u.s. as a team owner. >>> time now for the weather and over to ginger zee. >> there were dozens of record highs yesterday, including cities like dallas, houston, little rock and tulsa, look at the numbers, after the fog burns off today, another beautiful and not at all decemberlike day ahead. jackson will be 76. nashville, 70. orlando, 80. houston, 81. yesterday, they were 83. let's see what we can expect in the northeast, fog in the morning, then getting into the 50s. the cold front creating some rain issues in the great lakes. the warmth, new york, 63 on tuesday, 60 monday. chicago gets a brief >> this weather report has been brought to you by nexus 7 tablet. bianna and dan. >> ginger, thank you. >>> well, maybe reality stars should leave diplomacy to the professionals. kim kardashian touched down in bahrain and within hours they had to call out the
beckham will play the last game for the galaxy today when l.a. takes on the houston dynamo in a rematch of last year's mls final. since the iconic british midfielder joined in 2007, the mls has grown from 12 teams to 19 and merchandise sales have increased by more than 230%. last season, beckham helped l.a. win the championship match over houston, 1-0. >>> we didn't win powerball -- >> nope. >> we know at least one of the two winners that was wednesday two winning tickets were drawn. one of the tickets was purchased by mark and cindy hill in missouri. >> my husband gave me. he said, oh, gave me $10. go buy 10 lottery tickets. i said they're $2 each. i did and that happened to be the middle numbers that won. >> the second winning ticket from the more than $500 million ticket bought in arizona by this guy here. he is pretty excited about it, but hasn't come forward and his identity remains a mystery, but he was super excited. he is walking around and showing everybody his ticket, but where is he now? >> i wouldn't show anybody. >>> not so lucky for the food industry. from hostess to mcdon
, galaxy won their second straight mls cup, 3-1. it was david beckham's final mls game. >>> that is victor with the pick 6. 21st straight ncs crown. they win it 52-7. >>> in volleyball, state championship against martin luther king riverside. the no. 2 team in the nation completes an undefeated season at 38-and- 0, winning a straight set in division two. and from the world of boxing, no doubt, in a unanimous decision, over miguel cotto, 12 rounds tonight, he retains his 154-pound title. >>> we get the ravens and the steelers. of course, we will have the fifth quarter. right here on cbs 5. we'll be back. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a fre
's still got it. >>> if you can't bend it like beckham, you might want to try bouncing it a little bit. >> watch this bizarre soccer match in norway. it's called bubble football. and the players are almost completely encased in plastic, except for the legs. >> despite all of the rocking and rolling and bumping around on the field, the team somehow managed to score a few goals, believe it or not. >> it's full-contact. but -- that actually looks fun. can you pop the bubbles like bubble wrap? is that the goal? >> i understand the safety thing. but that looks weird. you go, kids. safety first. >>> for some of you, now, your local news, next. at quicken loans, we'll provide you with myql mobile. this amazingly useful app allows you to take pictures of your mortgage documents using an iphone or android smart phone... so you can easily send them to us. one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. ooh, la-la! one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. introducing nook hd - the world's best 7" tablet made for reading and entertainment. your favorite magazines and catalogs look bet
medula o sea. >> y debutó como modelo uno de los hijos david beckham y tiene 10 añitos y es la primera cara de moda primavera verano, es igual que su papá de guapo y las imágenes fueron tomadas por un fotógrafo peruano famoso. >> guapo, tremendo futuro le espera. >> y como le dije, siguen los preparativos de los funerales de jenny rivera y los fanáticos se preguntan ¿qué deben hacer para entrar su velorio? vamos con los detalles. >> así es, mañana serán miles y miles los seguidores que lleguen acá para dar el último adiós a la diva de la banda y tiene capacidad para unas 6 mil personas y los que podran entrar a darle el adiós, son los que obtuvieron un boleto en la internet. >> los artistas están llegando a los Ángeles para despedirla con música. >> mañana les contesto a todos. >> yo vengo a despedir a mi amiga y dama. >> también se espera la presentación de lupillo rivera, joan sebastian y la banda rivera que estuvo con ella en monterrey, marisela, una de las cantantes favoritas de ella dijo que no sabe si cantará pero no pudo contener las lágrimas por su amiga.
, just 6 years old. >> this is my american made easel. >> reporter: an easel made by beckham. >> where were your toys made? >> in america. >> reporter: so many families sending us their christmas videos. the viewers who bought spooner boards. >> i really like this, mon. >> reporter: and so many familiar faces who were in this year. the women of "the view." >> made in the usa! that's right, baby. >> reporter: even from make believe neighborhoods. the neighbors. >> hey, "world news," it's jamie from "the neighbors." and i'm in! >> david from "shark tank." >> i am in. >> hey, david, i'm laurie from "shark tank." >> reporter: laurie, too. with her magnetic reader rest. hanging your glasses right there on a magnet. >> barbara here in my kitchen. >> reporter: and barbara, fishing for an idea. >> a lobster dinner for two from cousins maine lobster. >> reporter: that's right, lobsters. cousins maine lobsters. $64 for two. and she kept going. remember that mom cooking up an american dream? >> oh, i get a hug! oh! >> reporter: those daisy cakes from south carolina. the sharks bought her idea and
tonight as they were to help hurricane sandy beckham in somerset county. so far, the agency has sent $1 million to the area, but officials urged residents to use care in spending funds. >> covering the nation tonight, amazing video from a walgreen's in mobile, alabama. surveillance cameras caught a christmas day tornado in action. this had winds up to 135 miles per hour. the tornado was 6 miles long and 200 yards wide when it slammed into power lines, transformers, and move cars around in the parking lot. things are back to normal, except the doors are boarded up. no one was hurt. a major drop in the number of officers killed over the past year, but in maryland we still have the highest numbers nationwide. the officers memorial fund across the country -- 127 state, local, and federal officers have died on the job this year, the lowest number since 2009 and the only time since 1960 that the number dipped below 130. texas is the highest with 10 fatalities. >> more concerns regarding the help of former president george h. w. bush. a spokesperson for his office says he is being treated in i
rancher david beckham, it's even worse. he moved his family off the land, hearing the armed smugglers pa passing through at night. he skofs when the administration claims the border is safer than ever. >> that's a joke. they can believe what they want. they can live in candy land. >> reporter: for miles and miles in southern arizona, this is the international border, the two countries, mexico there, the u.s. here, are separated by a four-wire fence, with hundreds of trails going from the border north into the united states. ranchers accuse the u.s. border patrol of concentrating its patrols and checkpoints miles north of where the ranchers live. >> we need to secure the border right there. at the border. >> reporter: the border patrol says it positions its agents where they are most effective, and that increased manpower and technology have dramatically reduced illegal border crossings. >> yes, there is traffic out on those ranch lands. communities continue to be impacted to a certain extent. but you can't discount the fact that the gains that have been made over the course of the last f
david beckham con el galaxy y o podran ver el aprtido, la gran f final, partido de vuelta a las 7 de la noche, en ingles por un i univisiÓn deportes, a estilo a spanglish me despido, nos vamos, volvemos el lunes >> siguiendo la cobertura con el ulÚltimo adios a hector "el mac" camacho, hablamos con la esposa del hombre que murio tambiÉn en ese fatidÍdico dÍa, estas son s declaraciones. >> lo mÁs fuerte para mia demas de su ausencia, porque era una p persona presente, me duele de como hablan con el, lo han de c desacreditado >> decidiÓ romper el silencio y aclarar de todo lo que se esp u especula del hombre de 49 aÑos q que conducÍa hector "el macho" camacho el dÍa del violento a n atentado >> usted tuvo la oportunidad de convivir 14 aÑos q¿quien era el? >> un excelente esposo, excel excelente padre, el mejor abuelo para mis nietos >> ¿cual era la relaciÓn de h c hector "el macho" camacho on r adrian? >> vengo escuchar con el de j i julio o agosto, verdaderadera n verdaderaderamente, yo no lo se, ese martes 20 de noviembre, como habÍa sido la comunicacion entre
and houston playing each other in the championship game for the second year in a row. david beckham's last game with the galaxy. landon donovan perhaps playing his last game for the galaxy. the application win -- galaxy win, 3-1. >> kansas state and texas on deck here on abc-7. stay tuned for after the game. larry beil and myself will break it down and see who is going to what game. >> he is going to have this own talk show. >> he might. >> ama: that does it for this edition of abc-7 news. college football is next. and the abc-7 7 news exclusive app is now available for your android. download it for free from the amazon app.@res Ñ >>> kansas state coach bill snyder made this walk many times. but tonight, at hand, a bcs berth. mack brown knows its collin klein's final home game
heading into sunday's final round. >> mls cup finals, application and dine -- dynamos, david beckham playing his last game, landon donovan possibly playing his last game also. the galaxy win, 3-1 the final. this sports report broth you by river rook casino. >> ama: high wind and flood warnings across the bay area tonight. we're tracking the storm as a third in a series of storms moves in. we'll have a live report and the forecast when we >> another major storm is moving into northern california right now. you are looking at live doppler 7hd. meteorologist leigh glaser is tracking the storm and will be back in a few minutes with a look at the forecast. i'm ama daetz. the big turn tonight, flooding, sergio quintana is live in napa where they're keeping an eye on the river level. >> the most rain is supposed to come down tomorrow morning but the napa river is expected to get to its highest point sometime tomorrow afternoon but those rains have already started causing problems around tonight tonight. on redwood road, two trees came down, taking a powerline with them, knocking out electri
service after 51 years. >>> david beckham ended his playing days in the u.s. as a winner the soccer superstar helped lead the l.a. galaxy to its second mls championship. >>> time now for the weather and over to ginger zee. >> dozens of record highs yesterday including cities like dallas, houston, little rock and tulsa, look at the numbers, after the fog burns off today, another beautiful and not at all decemberlike day. orlando, 80. houston, 81. yesterday, they were 83. what can we expect in the northeast, fog in the morning, then getting into the 50s. the cold front creating some rain issues in the great lakes. the warmth, new york, 63 on tuesday. 60 monday. chicago gets a brief 59 and back into the 60s. >> this weather report has been brought to you by nexus 7 tablet. >>> well, maybe reality stars should leave diplomacy to the professional hours. within hours they had to call out the riot police. abc's john muller has the story. >> reporter: reality tv star kim kardashian draws a crowd almost everywhere he turns up. in the middle east, no exception. she promoted her milkshake shop
beckham. six-figure exchange program. i could have used another word but decided to be clean. she tells an assistant to float it and it helps her keep her job another year. >> eric: last year we did the same story. >> andrea: this is the same woman that did the glossy spread on bashar assad, the syrian dictator that murdered all the people. great judgment, don't you think? >> eric: dana's point does she deserve it? does ambassador rice deserve to be secretary of state? >> greg: will obama protect her? >> eric: this is crazy. the ambassadorships are pay-back and give-backs. common on both sides of the aisle. >> bob: both sides. three posts particularly there. france, britain and bermuda. those are the three that people want. >> andrea: you want bermuda. >> bob: i would. >> greg: you want thailand. >> bob: that would be excellent. >> eric: california. [ laughter ] >> andrea: hawaii. >> bob: seriously, this is nothing new. they give it to big contributors, every administration does it. >> dana: or give it to someone accomplished. george h.w. bush was offered that position in the '70s. he w
dominance in the sport of tennis and david beckham said goodbye to the mls, these were just some of the stories that grabbed our attention this year. here is a look at our top ten, starting with number ten. >> today is a new day in augusta national. augusta national, perhaps the most well known golf club and home of the masters had excluded women from the membership roles since opening. but that changed in august with a highly show cased admission of former secretary is of state condoleezza rice. and donna a moore. >> i have not thought about where i will play but i have thought about where i've been. when peyton manning decided to part ways with the colts, did coverage of where he would land was intense. after broncos fans learned he would play in denver, they must have felt like they won the lottery are, made the trade of tebow to the jets easier to accept. the emergence of golf's newest stars took center stage in 20 buba watson introduced himself as a new leader. meanwhile, a 23-year-old from northern ireland, rory mcilroy, ended the year as the world's top ranked player and l
beckham. romo appears in the burberry campaign sutd up for april showers, for more entertainment news go to i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 a friend of the connecticut gunman gives insight into the killer. >> and fighting fire with fire. the state thinks it can prevent shoot attacks by arming teachers. >> also, a decision today about possible criminal charges against the mistress and former cia director davidizn petraeus. >> considering options we've got video confused but we'll tell you about the president, his efforts to sweeten the deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. cliff. we'll let you know and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go. wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas
sus compañeros, según el reporte médico, suazo está evolucionadno bien. >>> david beckham no tiene prisa para elegir un nuevo equipo, hay ofertas sobre la mesa de varios clubes alrededor del mundo. >>> en la nba, johnson fue despedido como gerente general de los nets de brooklyn que han ganado solamente 3 de los últimos 11 encuentros. >>> en la nfl, sánchez volverá como quarterback oficial, mc enroy sufrió una conmoci. > y esto le abre las puertas al jugador de origen emxo. >>> ahí lo tiene, no se pierda un solo gol más del fútbol mexicano, con univisión deportes, network, así que, siga conectad para la información deportiva, calendarios y mucho más, conéctese a >>> muchas gracias, jorge, nosotros ya regresamos con más de primer impacto después de la pausa ♪ >>> hace algunos meses dimos a conocer un video donde unas niÑas eran manipuladas para que aceptaran ser adoptadas. hoy le informamos que las niÑas fueron dadas en adopciÓn, y nuestra reportera nos cuenta quiÉnes son los padres. >>> warter y carmen llevan aÑos esperando el abrazo, fin
probably went. the lovely david beckham was there. >> he is so little. she looked smashing in that dress. >> she's an ambassador for the british olympic team and the paralympics. she looked radiant. >> can we talk about kelly clarkson and good for her. >> great news. she is engaged. she is over the moon. very excited about it. >> who is the guy? >> it's a very interesting story about brandon, her fiance here. he is the son of her manager who is married to reba. >> norville. reba will be her stepmother? >> will be. they're keeping it in music royalty here, so that's the great news. she's so excited. he is a manager too. he is an agent, manager. >> in norville's company as well? >> absolutely. and she said she's so in love, this is the guy of her dreams. she was bursting about it. >> she was talking about wanting to be engaged before this even happened, and she felt very comfortable talking about it. >> anybody in general? >> she made it clear she wanted the ring. >> a lot of people want to get married desperately, but -- >> "the hobbit" is killing it at box office. >> amazing, and it's br
: good. we're like beckham, kick, kick. when we come back, is try -- is china trying to take over? a look of their moves inside the u.s.. president obama get his way or boehner or either? who knows. the results of a new report next. tracy: the future of our country hinging on our grdlocked congress. does that make you feel better? so far the fiscal plans put forth by the president and speaboehner simply wonnt cut it. a new report out find neither proposal reduces our debt enough to solve our economic crisis putting the country at, well, further risk for another downgrade. anybody want to talk abou august last summer in what will it take to get the house in order? ask alex, research fellow at the american enterprise institute and former chief economist for the house ways and means committee. alex, here's the thing, it's tax on both plans. >> well, to do go to your opening remark, you're definitely right. the's a short term crisis where taxes are set to skyrocket on january 1st and long term challenges that can want be met with tax increases alone. mathematically impossible. we have health
the good fight. don't give up. >> we won't, thank you. tracy: good. we're like beckham, kick, kick. when we come back, is try -- is china trying to take over? a look of their moves inside the u.s.. president obama get his way or boehner or either? who knows. the results of a new report next. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, m breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first ful
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